HappyCAR Berkshire Trips Is ...

HappyCAR Berkshire Trips Is ...

HappyCAR Berkshire Trips is the leading 5 star rated, trusted, on demand shuttle service for people traveling to and from Berkshire County, MA, and within the region. 

HappyCAR provides trusted, punctual and reliable, 5 star service. We travel to and from airports, trains, buses, event venues, the local area, and more. 

HappyCAR is where you live. We bring the joy of travel and adventure to every ride. We share about local places and spaces. We point out historical treasures, local eateries, incredible wineries, cultural meccas and the best nature spots. We are HappyTravelers.

Our clients are HappyClients. We treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. We follow the golden rule here. 

We have a HappyDriver philosophy. We believe that a great company honors their workers with material benefits, that is why we pay all our drivers a middle class wage. Plus, we provide all of our drivers with bonuses for fuel and car maintenence. The end result is that all of our drivers are HappyDrivers, which makes your ride all the better.

HappyCAR is recommended. Our services are recommended by most Berkshire County hotels and B&B's, as well as, hundreds of local residents, local businesses, and travelers from all around the world. 

We are HappyCAR.